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Zinc and aluminum processing On-demand customization, free proofing
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Provide aluminum alloy die-casting and zinc alloy die-casting processing customized services for various industries


The processing steps are refined, and each link is monitored and inspected to ensure the quality of the die-casting parts.

  • Advantage01
    Strong strengthHave independent mold technology

    ◇ The factory area is 3500 square meters, with its own die-casting workshop, polishing and grinding workshop, and CNC machining center

    ◇ Provide zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting, plastic molding, CNC turning and milling machine processing and manufacturing of various hardware products, mechanical hardware

    ◇ Processing and manufacturing of components, mold manufacturing, password box handles, electronics, motors, automobiles, communication furniture and other components.

  • Advantage02
    Technical team manufacturingProduction and processing major

    ◇ Professional die-casting mold flow analysis software and 3D mold design, sophisticated mold making and mold surface treatment technology

    ◇ The design team has strong mold development strength, avoiding more than 98% of the program defects before mold opening

    ◇ High-precision alloy die-casting, error controllable, uniform density of finished products, no bubbles, not easy to break and deform.

  • Advantage03
    Well-designedProvide die castings according to customers

    ◇ The engineering design team participates in the customer's mold design and development throughout the process, assisting the customer to quickly confirm and complete the design structure diagram.

    ◇ From the careful selection of materials in the early stage, to the production and proofing in the later stage, and then to the production process.

    ◇ It can accurately control the detailed cost of the production process, and achieve higher cost performance on the basis of ensuring product quality.

  • Advantage04
    After-sale warrantyGood service, worry-free throughout

    ◇ Perfect after-sales service system, sincere and thoughtful professional services, and timely and rapid communication with customers.

    ◇ According to the different needs of customers, tailor-made different products, your needs, we will achieve,

    ◇ The product responds quickly to exceptions, completes the processing in a timely manner, regularly visits new and old customers, and listens to opinions and suggestions.

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The product has been rigorously tested and has become a cooperative partner with many companies.


The product has been rigorously tested and has become a cooperative partner with many companies.

Danyang Huaan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Danyang Huaan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018, specializing in R&D, production and sales of precision alloy die-casting molds and various zinc alloy/aluminum alloy die-casting parts. Die-casting products are mainly used in various RF connector housings, optical fiber connector housings, Computer peripheral network connector shells, new energy vehicles, industrial connector shells and precision hardware in various new energy fields......


Provide integrated processing customization services to meet the individual needs of customers

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